27 Jul 2016

Interior decorating and design

I love every bit about this arragement... Impractical but beautiful.

5 Jun 2016

Sir William Edmond Logan

Finally, small proofs remaining from the project of reproducing all of identified (known) watercolours by Sir Willie* have been taken care.
Collection of small watercolours meet collection of small gilded frames:

* Sir William is the "father of our geology", was an explorer geologist, and in his younger days as a Victorian traveller, a skilled watercolourist.
The subject of his art were mostly mountains - predictable destination for a geologist of his time, or Scotland - his birthplace.

This is the photograph of Sir "Willie" Notman,
obviously it served as a template for the formal portrait
as the Director of the Geological Survey of Canada.

The photographi is now in the ownership of the McCord Museum in Montreal, with other works by Notman's studio.

There is few more, slightly larger proofs, but this group is distinctly naturally sepia toned.
More about Sir W.E.Logan and about Notman: here

27 May 2016

Children's Festival

My work looked great, the weather was extremely cold.

30 Apr 2016

Celebrating birthday

It is Shakespeare's year (1616) so what the heck, I decided to splurged and gifted myself with something appropriate.
Et voila! A bread plate from the Shakespeare collection by Staffordshire.
It stands now on a plate stand, right beside the "Shakespeare Cliff" engraving...

17 Mar 2016


I have restored some of the older photographic images into a new format, a diptich.
Lula at work as a curator. Thank you.

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