22 Oct 2014

Thoughts on one self...

I have recently had a client who is reproducing some of her art work.
She was excited at the thought that she will be able to show the pieces in a public space.
She then said that she is shy and was concerned what thoughts might arise if people who know her and don't like, or maybe she had arguments with...

Although the sentiment felt somewhat familiar, I felt she needn't to worry, seeing someones creative should always produce positive reaction.
But in the end, I lacked an elegant response.

Famous David Foster Wallace QuotesIn the morning I found this ≈>
Yest, I must tell her, it is a sobering cold thought, but suggests such a swift resolution to all uncertainties on the subject.

18 Oct 2014

Beautiful fashion

I found this image from the fashion catalogue of some hundred years ago or just a little under.
Couldn't resist stashing it so I could share it and enjoy its beauty.
Those dresses and soooo unbelievably artful and beautiful.

16 Sep 2014

Ist World War Colour Photographs

For the longest time I was planning to share my little stash of those amazing photographs.
Yes, they are truly in colour, not tinted - Autochrome process (you know, the died potato starch etc)

Since I focused on their visual aspect, not the documentary - I did not collect the titles, sites etc.
Those are views of France and again, it is one of the ways I do Remember the Great War.

Those photos are sourced from once posted public archive.
I do not recall the exact site, but against that very event, I stashed some for future sharing.
I hope you will find the as fascinating as I do. 

5 Sep 2014

Pre-war Polish advertising

I had found some really cool pieces of pre-war Polish advertising.
Some, especially those Art-deco ones are really worth sharing:

It is also terribly exciting to see in the Most read recently surfacing "The Sweater" by M. Caddell, now practically a piece of Canadian art history - still, great stuff, I strongly recommend that you see this!

Reklamy promujące czytelnictwo, fot. materiały archiwalne

Przedwojenne reklamy odwołujące się do zmysłu estetycznego odbiorcy, fot. materiały archiwalne


9 Aug 2014

The Great War

That was the name for the 1st World War when nobody thought there will be another so soon...

I must say that I "experience" this horrific episode in the history of human kind very often - right from my now small Ottawa Studio.
I often reproduce images from various public collection and the collection of War Art from the Canadian War Museum is most impressive.

On it's summery 100th anniversary Canada celebrated  her immense contribution to this war.
One of the smaller vehicles commemorating that time was an edition of large prints of en immensely poignant images of the ravages of war.
Les brancardiers
The Stretcher-Bearer Party
Peinture par Lieutenant Cyril Henry Barraud
Collection d'art militaire Beaverbrook

 It is a somber depiction, a scene of a morning cold and damp quietude, the sad task of collecting the dead and the wounded.

Another painting related to the subject that I have contemplated quite often and reproduced in a very large scale is this --->

An image of a bombed city, a painting within a painting, great and powerful scene.
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